5 Tips For Successful Online Therapy

Online Therapy

Today we live surrounded by new technologies and immersed in social networks: the Internet is ubiquitous in our lives, we have Smartphones, we communicate by chat and video conference often, and we apply new technologies to very diverse fields, both professional and leisure.

That’s it, you are embarking on online therapy, and you want to put all the chances on your side to find a healthier balance in your life. But what exactly should you do? We will try to answer here.

When to use Online therapy?

The online sessions greatly facilitate access to a psychologist when for some reason they can not access face therapy: only an internet connection and webcam is required to Successful Online Therapy.

In Strategic Psychology, the profiles of the people who consult me online are very diverse: there are many residents abroad -in non-Spanish speaking countries- who want to do therapy in their language, people with a full schedule, or with complicated schedules to be able to attend face-to-face sessions, people with problems to get around or who reside in places where access to a psychologist is difficult (rural areas, small towns …)

The problems that are most often worked can vary from anxiety, grief, life crises, fears, changes in habits, relationship problems, the definition of life goals, etc.

Being involved in his therapy

Just starting therapy will not solve all of your problems. There is no miracle solution. Therapy is a more or less long process in which you are the key and the driving force. Along the way, you will be doing work on yourself that will require personal effort and persistence, but it is worth it.

You will thus go through different emotions ranging from sadness to joy. The psychologist or psychotherapist will be there to support and support you in the most difficult moments. It will allow you to reflect on yourself, decipher your emotions, and analyze your behaviors. Together, you will evolve in a benevolent setting that will allow you to open up and reveal yourself.

Setting goals

It’s easier to walk when you know the destination. This is why it can be interesting to set with your therapist one or more objectives. These must be realistic and achievable.

Do not set yourself from the start to climb Everest, every step towards your well-being counts, even the smallest. Therefore, it is better to take the time to make lasting progress rather than great progress.

Trust your therapist

Your therapist is there to help you and set up a caring environment in which you will be able to evolve. On the other hand, entering therapy comes from a deep commitment to yourself.

This is why you will never be judged by your therapist, no matter what you reveal to him. He is there to help you see clearly in the middle of your emotions. In summary, good therapy is based on a relationship between solid and mutual trust.

Remain autonomous

Certainly, a relationship of trust is the basis of all good therapy. This should not, however, make you forget that you are free and autonomous. The psychologist is there to help you analyze and understand your emotions and behaviors.

He will advise you, and it is then up to you to choose to apply the advice given to you. You remain independent and responsible for your behavior whatever happens.

Take advantage of active listening

During the sessions, your psychologist or psychotherapist will practice what is called “active listening”. In other words, it will take the time to listen to you and rephrase your words. This is how he can come to a good understanding of what you are telling him.

Your therapist will then ask you questions to allow you to reflect on yourself. In this way, listening and dialogue are the vectors of good therapy. When your therapist gives you advice, don’t hesitate to rephrase it to make sure you understand it.

The success of therapy is therefore based on your commitment and the relationship of trust with your therapist. Together, you have the tools and the benevolent environment that will allow you to feel better.


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