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The golfer elbow is a rather annoying injury for asics asics hockey shoes ireland many golfers and usually greatly disrupts their game. This is because doctors will always advice that you stay away completely from the game until the injury heals completely. This may take quite sometime. The elbow is a joint and most joint injuries take much longer to heal than other injuries because it is difficult to completely avoid using a joint in our day to day lives.Golfer elbow is usually caused by either sudden movementor continued recurring strain on the tendons. A tendon in the body usually joins a muscle to a bone. Actually this injury occurs on the tendon around the elbow area.Apart from medication and rest away from golf, asics ireland another way of dealing with golf elbow is by carrying out certain stretch exercises.To prevent the injury a golfer will have to introduce exercise into their golf training program. The exercises are mostly stretch exercises and strength exercises to improve the strength and endurance of key muscles in the body that are used in the golf game and asics asics tennis shoes ireland especially during the golf swing.The stretching exercises should be done before and after a game. Some sort of warm up needs to be done before embarking on the stretching exercises so as to avoid injury. This does not need to be very elaborate. You can for example walk very briskly from the car to the course as your warm up program. The ides is to avoid suddenly stretching your muscles when they are cold and stiff from inactivity.A simple exercise program where some of the stretching exercises can even be done in the office on your desk when you have a moment will help any golfer avoid the golfer elbow. And those golfers who already have a nagging golfer elbow can also speed their way to complete recovery by taking some expert advice in the use of golf-specific exercises. Article Tags: Golfer Elbow, Stretching Exercises