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iStock Imageonitsuka tiger singapore outlet I spoke recently with a VirusBoats distributor in the U.K. who sells the Magnum trimarans. The small trimaran sailboats serve as premium ‘day boat’ for sailors who either like to go it alone or host a small crew.I was impressed by many of the things he shared about these sailboats during our conversation, but one thing in particular surprised me. Apparently, there is a bit of a misconception among some prospective buyers about these boats. The purpose of this article is to address it.It seemsthat because Magnum trimarans are multi-hulled craft, onitsuka tiger singapore sale many sailors simply assume they handle much like double-hulled catamarans. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s an assumption that should be quickly set aside.You see, catamarans have a generally well-deserved reputation for being difficult to tack. Their 2 long slender double-hulls, combined with the fact they often glide along the water’s surface on just one of them, make it hard for those boats to turn easily.Magnum trimarans, however, are completely different.When they came on the scene just a few years ago, they offered sailors a small trimaran sailboat that handles much more like any typical small boat when it comes to turning. In other words, they turn easily.The stern of their vaka (main) hull is basically flat. This design, which combines with the a centerboard, allows the Magnums to swivel to and fro quite easily … almost as if they were single-hulled dinghies.Sailors who come back to shore after a sailing run for the first time often say they’re amazed by how easy these trimarans are to maneuver and turn. Apparently, their design shape allows such handling to be possible, and was unique when the boats originally came out. A few other trimarans have now copied this feature in recent years.The flat surface along the back of the boat’s principle hull, combined with the centerboard, permit this fast boat to be nimble as well. And if you consider the fact these boats are stable on the water, such handling ease often comes as a nice surprise for users.More about the Magnum will be included in a forthcoming book by the author. This new book will cover small trimarans exclusively. And readers may fill out any short survey posted in exchange for a free trimaran-related information product in development. Article Tags: Magnum Trimarans