• The Inflight Intimidator Power Rack is the ultimate workout tool, designed to make it easy for individuals to safely meet their fitness goals.  Offering the most versatility of any weight lighting machine, the Inflight Imitator Power Rack makes it easy to get the hardcore strength-training workout that you’ve been looking for. Note: Weight Plates, Bars, Straps and Chains are not included.
    • With the Inflight Intimidator Power Rack, you can get a full body workout with one easy to use system.
    • Simply customize with your desired weights and weight bar, or customize with a chin up bar and barbells, and you can start strengthening your body today with a high quality fitness machine that you can depend on.
    • Perfect for home fitness studios, small gyms and even school fitness rooms, the Inflight Intimidator Power Rack is the ultimate solution for those looking for a multi-functional tool that helps them meet their current fitness goals.