Wallpaper Tips

When it comes to wall coverings, wallpaper is gaining popularity after years of taking second location to the much more used paint option. Wallpaper now offers a variety of designs, patterns, colors, and textures. Plus, the once difficult application process has since been simplified.

Since wallpaper use is rising, we thought it could be a good time to debate tricks for proper application.

Begin by removing outlet covers within the room that you’ll be wallpapering. Turn the electricity off and cover the outlets with masking tape. This will prevent any glue or water from running into a live socket.

If walls are painted, wash them with a special wall cleaning solution. Rinse with water and let dry before applying the wallpaper.

If the walls are new drywall, apply 2 coats of primer before wallpapering.

If the walls already are wallpapered, fully remove the paper, clean off any paste, rinse with water, and invite it to dry.

Read the instructions to find out just how long the paper must be soaked, if it’s pre-glued or if wallpaper glue should be used, and what the dry time is.

Begin application in a very less viewable corner. This will best hide uneven matchups at the conclusion.

Start at the ceiling for patterned designs. That way the complete design will probably be displayed instead of it being cut by 50 percent.

Use a level during the entire process to make certain straight line application on every wall.

For inward corners, cut at corner after which overlap the next sheet by butting it to the corner.

For outward corners, wrap over and then cut. Overlap the next sheet of wallpaper to the corner.

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