What Do I Do With This Room?

Hello, my name is Gabriel Fernandez – Sales Representative at Best Used Gym Equipment.

Today we are going to talk about a frequently asked question I receive when being approached by a family who has spare room at home and they want to convert it into a gym.

First thing you must understand is – it is very difficult to replace a gym membership for a home gym. Your gym membership has a machine for everybody part and then some. So, knowing that it is very difficult to replace a commercial gym for a home gym therefore here are some of the machines we suggest for your gym at home.

Let’s start off with a Functional Trainer. This machine is fantastic. You can put this machine in a commercial Gym, a condo gym, a hotel gym and your home gym to give you a commercial Gym field.

Why is this machine so great? The Functional trainer allows you to work your whole upper body you can do your shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest, back, and your abs and even some of your lower body. You should have a little experience using this machine, all the proper movements are in it but you have to find them, meaning, that you have to adjust each column accordingly to work out a specific body part. You’ll need buy a few different attachments for this machine to be that much more functional. The attachments allow you to work out different body parts, like a lat-pulldown bar for your back, an easy curl bar for your biceps and triceps, a rope attachment for your abs and they are a few more to choose from.

The second machine we recommend the most, is a Treadmill. The reason being is because of space. I recommend the treadmill instead of an elliptical or bike simply because if you’re in a good mood you could run, if you’re in a lazy mood you could walk, if you feel in a really good mood you could run in incline and you can get your heart rate up fast.  I like the idea of variety in the sense that you can run or walk where as an elliptical is the same movement.

And the third item will be a dumbbell rack with an adjustable bench. You can do almost every body part with Dumdbells. Having the Adjustable Bench allows you to do shoulders incline chest flat bench and may be a decline press.

If there is space permitting then I will suggest a leg extension leg curl. I do believe the room should not be that crowded of machines. You need a little space to stretch, do a little of Ab work on the floor and etc.

Please keep in mind that our suggestion is for a spare room with an approx. size of 12’x12’. We always recommend rubber flooring (gym flooring) and mirrors to give you that gym feeling.